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The new Amigurumi Kits – 2023 Halloween collection has arrived with 4 character options that will bring the magic of this very special date to your home! Meet Pumpkin, Witch, Black Cat, and Bat, and fall in love with them! The kit comes with all the necessary materials to make one character: hook, yarn, skeins, polyester fiber, and a step-by-step pattern. In addition, we have also prepared video tips. Ideal for gifting or decorating. Check them out!

Level: Intermediate: Basic and repetitive stitches and stitch technique beyond the basics with more detailed shaping
and finishing including increases and decreases, simple sewing stitches, and embroidery stitches.

Tips to make perfect AMIGURUMIS: Keep the indicated height mentioned in the pattern because the amount of yarn is intended for this size. Avoid crocheting too loosely making open stitches because the stuffing fiber is not supposed to appear or come out of stitches.

Color 01 - Pumpkin

Color 04 - Black Cat

Color 05 - Bat

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