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Amigurumi yarn is ideal for crocheting or knitting small three-dimensional dolls. With a full color chart, you can use your creativity and create fun pets, children's characters and dolls. The yarn is composed of 100% mercerized Brazilian virgin cotton, it has medium thickness and combines yardage with tenderness.

Technical Information

Yarn Ne 6/5 - (492 Tex)
Composition: 100% mercerized Brazilian virgin cotton
Knit gauge (4 in x 4 in): 24 sts x 31 r
Crochet gauge (4 in x 4 in): 19 sc x 24 r

Total of Colors: 101



254 m / 278 yds

2.25 to 4 mm

B-1 to G-6 US

2.75 to 4.5 mm

2 to 7 US

125 g / 4.4 0z



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