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Coconut Bucket Hat


 1 ball of Anne for each color - Colors: 8176 (Off-White), 7382 (Chocolate); Círculo crochet hook - no. 2.5 mm.

Size: One size fits all.

Level of difficulty






Stitches used: Chain stitch (ch.). Slip stitch (sl st.): Insert the hk., yo., pull up a loop, and pass directly through the loop on the hk. Single crochet: (sc.): insert the hk., yo., pull up a loop, yo. again, pull through all loops. Double crochet: (dc.): yo., insert the hk., yo., pull up a loop, yo., pull through 2 loops, yo. again, pull through all the loops.

Top: follow the chart. Pattern stitch 1 and 2: follow the corresponding chart. Illustrative stitch: See chart - how to work charts 1 and 2. Sample: A 10 cm / 3.94" square in sc. with double yarn and a 2.5 mm hk. = 20 sts. x 18 rows. Instructions: The bucket hat is entirely worked with double yarn. Start at the top of the bucket hat. Make a ch. of 4 sts., close it into a circle, and work the top of the hat following the chart. After completing the chart, work around the side of the hat as follows: 1 row with Off-White yarn in pattern st. no. 1 following the corresponding chart, repeat from to in the direction of the sts. (23x), 1 row with chocolate yarn in pattern st. no. 2 following the corresponding chart, in front of pattern st. no. 1, repeat from to in the direction of the sts. (23x). Always repeat these two rows, but in the rows with Off-White yarn, pick up also the 2 ch. of the pattern st. with the chocolate ch. (see illustration stitch). The charts are finished. For the brim, work all around 11 rows in sc. with chocolate yarn. Make the 1st row of sc. working through both thicknesses of the pattern sts. on the sides. Once the 11 rows in sc. are finished, fasten off.

Artisan: Henrique Silva

Disclaimer: Measurements are approximate due to differences between centimeters and inches, needle sizes and tension. All care has been taken to allow accurate completion of the pattern.

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