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Ebook for Men

Handmade has conquered catwalks, streets, and big city daily life.

People who appreciate handmade also appreciate fashion, trends and the endless opportunities to show their style.

It has been a while that knitted and crocheted pieces are synonyms of personality and authenticity. The novelty for 2021 is that besides being considered perfect for Winter, handmade pieces have been part of hot seasons too and also for mens fashion.

Circulo e-book for men proves that you can use two needles to make light and comfortable pieces during the entire year. Get inspired with our designs and free your fashionista essence.

Check these 5 exclusive and trendy patterns. All of them knitted with classic and loved Circulo yarns such as: Jeans, Charme and Natural Cotton Maxcolor.

Disclaimer: Measurements are approximate due to differences between centimeters and inches, needle sizes and tension. All care has been taken to allow accurate completion of the pattern.

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