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Anne Sparkle is made of mercerized Brazilian virgin cotton fibers and a touch of shine that can be golden or in the color of the yarn. In decoration it is widely used in table runners, chargers, coasters, napkin rings, pillows, and making pieces look more festive. For clothing it gives a more sophisticated look and can be used to make blouses, dresses, skirts and various accessories.

Technical Information

Yarn Ne 1.96 - (301 Tex)
Composition: 95.7% mercerized Brazilian virgin cotton and 4
.3% metalic fiber.            
Knitting machine setting: 8
Knit gauge (4 in x 4 in): 27 sts x 33 r
Crochet gauge (4 in x 4 in): 21 sc x 28 r
Total of Colors: 16



500 m / 547 yds

150 g / 5.3 oz

2.75 mm

3.0 to 3.5 mm

3 to 4 US


Metallic fiber in the same color of yarn

Golden Metallic fiber

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