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Heart on your Sleeve - Sweater

Level of difficulty

Size:  S-2XL but easily adjustable to make any size


Circulo Natural Cotton Maxcolor 4/6

WW (approx. 660 yards for a Small)

The main color 7207 approx. 600 yards

And Approx. 30 yards each of the 2

additional colors 4676 and 1114.

For each additional size go up approx.

100-150 yards.

5.5mm Hook

Measuring Tape

Stitch Markers

Threading Needle

Gauge - 8DC + 3 Rows= 2”

Created by:  Heather Cummings

Heart on your Sleeve - Sweater
Download • 713KB

Disclaimer: Measurements are approximate due to differences between centimeters and inches, needle sizes and tension (gauges). All care has been taken to allow accurate completion of the pattern. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please if you find any error or have any questions about patterns send an email to:

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