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Sandy Bucket Hat


2 balls of Anne (147 g / 5.18 oz) - Color: 8176 (Off-White);

2.5 mm Círculo crochet hk.;

Tracing paper;



Tape measure.

Size: One size fits all.

Level of difficulty





 Crochet stitches used: ch.: chain stitch, sl st.: slip stitch, sc.: single crochet, dc.: double crochet, bucket hat: follow diag. 1.


Abbreviations: foll.: following, hk.: hook, R.: row, diag.: diagram, st.: stitch, sts.: stitches, wk.: work


Sample: A 10 cm / 3.94" square in dc. with a 2.5 mm hk. = 22 sts. x 11 R. 




Transfer the molds to tracing paper to use as a reference when making the piece. Note the arrows on the measurement chart indicating the direction of the work.


Bucket hat: Use a 2.5 mm crochet hk. and Anne yarn (double strand) in Off-White color, start the piece from the top of the head. Make a magic ring, 1st R.: 3 ch., 13 dc., 1 sl st. to close the R. From the 2nd to the 20th R., continue following diag. 1. Wk. the entire piece in circular R.


Artisan: Círculo Studio

Disclaimer: Measurements are approximate due to differences between centimeters and inches, needle sizes and tension. All care has been taken to allow accurate completion of the pattern.

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