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Bordeaux cardigan


5 skeins of Encanto Slim (100g in the color 3794 (Bordeaux); Circulo 3,00 mm crochet hook; Circulo tapestry needle; wax paper; pencil; scissors; measuring tape.

Size: M

Level of difficulty


Stitches used: ch: chain; slst: slip stitch; SC: single crochet, DC: double crochet; 2DCc: 2 DC cluster; DC2tog: DC 2 sts together; st pattern A: follow chart 1; st pattern B: follow chart 2; st pattern C: follow chart 3; st pattern D: follow chart 4.

Abbreviations:inc.: increase; mot.: motif; st(s): stitch(es); rep.: repeat; FO: fasten off.

Gauge: 10 x 10 cm square in DC using 3 mm hook = 20 sts x 12 rows.



Transfer the molds to wax paper to use as reference when making the piece. Pay attention to the arrows in the measurements chart that indicate the direction of the work.

Cardigan: work the entire body in one piece, bottom up and flat. Using the 3 mm hook and Encanto Slim in the color Bordeaux, ch 171 + 3 (the ch. 3 counts as 1 DC, so you should have 172 sts).  Starting at the 4th ch from the hook, DC across the row, following chart 1 (st pattern A)  for a total of 6 rows. In the next row, work in the lace pattern from chart 2 (st pattern B- 59 mot.) for 8 rows, then switch to the lace pattern from chart 3 (st pattern C- 29 mot.) for 11 rows. Switch back to DC (172 sts), following chart 1 for 9 rows. Then follow the measurements chart to begin shaping the neckline, working the st pattern B (lace pattern 2- starting with 53 mot) for 5 rows (ending with 51 mot). After this, work both front panels and the back panels separately, following st pattern C (8 mot. for the left front, 12 mot. for the back and 8 mot. for right front) for a total of 25 rows. End the back with 8 mot. and each front panel with 3 mot. Switch to the tapestry needles and join the shoulders (8 cm), leaving the arm opening (17 cm); FO. Return to the crochet hook and make the ribbing- attach the yarn to the foundation chain (172 chs) and follow the lace pattern 4 (st pattern D- 9 mot.) for 6 rows; FO.

Sleeves: using the 3 mm crochet hook and Encanto Slim in the color bordeaux, work bottom-up. Ch 59 +3 (the ch. 3 counts as 1 DC, so you should have 60 sts) and, starting at the 4th ch from the hook,  DC across the row following chart 1 (st pattern A) for 7 rows. Switch to the lace pattern from chart 3 (st pattern C- start with 11 mot.), following the chart to shape the increases and the round top of the sleeve; finish off with 6 mot.. Return to the foundation chain, attach the yarn to it and follow the lace pattern 4 (st pattern D- 3 mot.) for 6 rows; FO. Make a second sleeve following the same instructions. Switch to the tapestry needle, sew the sleeves at the underarm seam and attach them to the armholes.

Finishing: work 2 rows of SC around the neckline.

Created by: Angélica Schmith

Disclaimer: Measurements are approximate due to differences between centimeters and inches, needle sizes and tension. All care has been taken to allow accurate completion of the pattern.

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